Registering and Renewing Kred Domains

Kred TLD Pty Ltd is the owner of the .Kred top level domain, both on DNS and in the ENS. We provision .Kred DNS domains through ICANN's registry infrastructure, and create ENS tokens via the ENS registry contracts - these domains are not createable through other means

Each verified subscriber of has both ENS domain token and a DNS domain provisioned for their personal use - these default to the Kred application suite (Engagement profile, and CRM), but users can control the DNS settings as they see fit.

Kred domain tokens are ERC721 compliant Ethereum tokens, and can be exported to other Ethereum wallets by the owner, and traded on secondary exchanges, suchs as OpenSea. There will be an initial release of premium Kred domain names on OpenSea in January 2020.

Renewals for Kred domain tokens will be made through the Kred application suite - either at the registered domain, or if the DNS has been redirected somewhere else, at

Once a subscription lapses, there will be a 90 day grace period where it will continue to resolve. After the grace period, the DNS information stored against the token will automatically be cleared (and thereby propagated to DNS servers) the ENS wallet address will be set to the null address, control of the token will revert to Kred TLD, and the domain will be made available for registration by others.