Kred Domains API | Wallet and Web Identity with Memorable Kred Links

Wallet and Web Identity with Memorable Kred Links

The Kred Domains API

.Kred Domains are both fully resolving DNS web and Ethereum Name Service ENS wallet addresses.
Link your Ethereum wallet addresses to receive funds sent to your .Kred domain.
Your Domain gives you access to NFT.Kred where you can tokenize and send your own digital assets.
Get a recipient confirmation before sending via NFT.Kred or a supported wallet.

Kred Domains are part of the Kred Developer Ecosystem, including Kred Scores, Kred NFTs and SocialOS.

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As the original owner of a .Kred domain token, you will earn royalties on future transfers of your domain.

The process is as follows:

  1. You register a domain and pay the registration fee.
  2. You sell the domain token to a new owner. In this case you receive the full payment amount (less processing fees).
  3. The new owner lists the domain token for sale on NFT.Kred or OpenSea. For this sale, and all future sales, you will earn a 2% royalty of the purchase price.

The sale platforms automatically split the purchase price into a payment, delivered to the current domain owner, and a processing fee. The processing fee is then divided into a fee to pay for registry costs, and the the 2% royalty.

Royalties are delivered to the registered Ethereum wallet for the original domain owner.

Since domain tokens are Ethereum tokens, it is possible for the current owner of a token to transfer it directly to another wallet outside of the NFT.Kred or OpenSea sale process. In this case no fee is collected for the transfer and thus no royalty is paid. But when the token is later sold, regardless of how many other transfers might take place, the royalty will again be paid.

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