Kred Domains API | Wallet and Web Identity with Memorable Kred Links

Wallet and Web Identity with Memorable Kred Links

The Kred Domains API

.Kred Domains are both fully resolving DNS web and Ethereum Name Service ENS wallet addresses.
Link your Ethereum wallet addresses to receive funds sent to your .Kred domain.
Your Domain gives you access to NFT.Kred where you can tokenize and send your own digital assets.
Get a recipient confirmation before sending via NFT.Kred or a supported wallet.

Kred Domains are part of the Kred Developer Ecosystem, including Kred Scores, Kred NFTs and SocialOS.

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What is a Kred Domain Token

A Kred Domain Token is an ENS compliant ERC721 Ethereum token that acts as a key to unlock DNS and ENS management of the associated domain name, from ENS Domains and NFT.Kred

It is:

  • Tradable: Transferring a Kred Domain Token to another person will give them control of the domain's ENS and DNS records
  • DNS Ethereum Blockchain synched: EthDNS entries written to the Kred Domain Token are propogated onto the DNS infrastructure Kred's Registrar. (TLD Registrar Pty Ltd)

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What is a Kred Domain Token

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